Milk Chocolate Pecan Toffee - Tasty Good Toffee

We're very proud to offer a 1/4 lb bag of the BEST milk chocolate pecan toffee in Nebraska!  Tasty Good Toffee is handmade with all the yum and all the love right here in Lincoln.  We're not kidding, this stuff is GOOD (and addicting), and we're excited to offer it as an option in the Nebraska Box.

Ready to add Tasty Good Toffee to your Nebraska Box?  Click Here!

Never heard of Tasty Good Toffee?  Here's Katie's story, the founder of Tasty Good Toffee!

"My Grandma B. became "famous" for her holiday toffee. Every Christmas, friends and extended family would ask, "Did Mrs. B. send any toffee?"

One Christmas season, Grandma mentioned that she wasn't going to make the toffee anymore, so I asked her to show me how it was done. For the next 10 years, I enjoyed making the toffee as holiday gifts, and over time, perfected the difficult task of trying not to burn the toffee!

Eventually, I had plenty of family, friends and fans encourage me to sell the toffee, and Tasty Good Toffee was born! 

There is just something wonderfully awesome about sharing Grandma's Toffee with the world, and watching as people get that *spark of joy* when they take the first bite!"


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