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This may be the best way we've found to get your daily dose of oatmeal - in these soft and chewy oatmeal bars, where a cookie base gets sandwiched with a cooked fudge layer.  This is not a joke, these are serious!

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I love chocolate. I love being creative. I love surprising people in my life with gifts and making them feel valued. It should be no surprise that I’d open up a shop which would allow me to experience all those loves in my daily life. The Chocolate Season was born because two people loved each other very, very much. Hmmmm, wait, this story is off to an odd start. :) In reality though, it’s true. This business became a reality because my husband, Brad, pushed me to think about what I really loved, what made me happy, what would give me the joy of not really “working” a day in my life.

I thought back to a time where I felt loved, and safe, and joyous, and it brought me back to food. Specifically, treats my Grandma Hesvik made for me on the farm. Birthday angel food, “just because” cookies and banana bread, or cupcakes, perfect for a "teenage-angst" pick-me-up. I thought to myself, why is it that every good memory for me involves food? Why are our daily lives, special occasions, and stress-coping mechanisms based around eating? I think it’s because the act of baking and cooking for someone has always been an act of love and selflessness. Wow. What a gift to give.

I wanted to give people that gift every day, and I wanted to provide an outlet for others to give that gift. If you can’t temper chocolate and formulate an enchanting ganache recipe yourself, let me do that. If you’re not sure how to make perfectly sweet caramel corn or the creamiest fudge on the planet, let me do that. Let me help you treat co-workers, friends, clients, family, neighbors, favorite dog-sitter and anyone else in your life; to a gift that will always make them smile.

The Chocolate Season’s old location from 2011 to 2019 in Algona, Iowa

The Chocolate Season’s old location from 2011 to 2019 in Algona, Iowa

The Chocolate Season evolved from a dream to a production facility, to a brick and mortar location, then an even bigger location down the street, to a thriving business supporting local farmers with a seasonal lunch menu, drinks crafted from in-house syrups and international chocolate, to a home where I, and my team, get to learn and create new things everyday. We do this for you, our customers, and I just wanted to say “thank you”. Without you guys I would not have the opportunity to create new chocolate delights every day, or have the opportunity to teach others at work, or in classes, about this passion, and I wouldn’t have the chance to work side by side with the love of my life, have my kids grow up in the kitchen, and pass down recipes that my grandma used.

So, thank you. And please, drop us a line, give us a call, or stop by and knock on our kitchen window. We want to know you, and we want to always be the perfect avenue to show gratitude, love and appreciation to those around you. People always say I’m “livin the dream”….and I am. But if I could have any dream come true in this lifetime, it would be for my grams to see her recipes impacting thousands of peoples’ lives and memories, have her smile while we make one last pie together in the TCS kitchen, and hear her say “Airkee, I’m so proud of you."

Thank you for getting to know the passion behind what we do every day, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need customization help or have special requests for an order. Grandma always had an open door and open heart for others, and I hope we at The Chocolate Season can pass that on too.

New location in Williamsburg Village - Lincoln, Nebraska - Opened Fall 2019

New location in Williamsburg Village - Lincoln, Nebraska - Opened Fall 2019


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