Valhalla Bee Farm 100% Pure Nebraska Honey

Looking to add some pure Nebraska Honey in your Nebraska Box?  Valhalla Bee Farm has just what you need.  We're proud to offer their 100% pure Nebraska honey made here in the area by their hardworking Nebraska bees.  

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About Valhalla Bee Farm of Nebraska

Valhalla Bee Farm is owned and operated by Warren and Jane Nelson of Lincoln.  Jane is Treasurer of the Nebraska Beekeepers Association, and Warren serves as the President.  

Valhalla Bee Farm is the only store in Nebraska to not only sell incredible honey, but also sell live bees.  Each package comes from California and contains approximately 6,000 bees.  Beekeepers from surrounding states such as Kansas, Iowa, and of course Nebraska buy their bees from Valhalla.  According to Warren, there are about 250 beekeepers in the Lincoln area.  Approximately 15 to 20 local beekeepers will be selling their products at Valhalla Bee Farm in addition to the farm's own honey.


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