Benson Soap Mill Handcrafted Citrus Soap

The True Nebraska soap!  The Benson Soap Mill located in the Benson neighborhood of Omaha, NE utilizes both natural and discarded products from local Nebraska restaurants, coffee shops, and farms to create a very unique and high quality soap.  

This soap is a limited edition fresh citrus bar that was made for a private client.  They loved it so much that they recommended it for the Nebraska Box.  It looks exactly how it smells, light green with an earthy, citrusy scent.  It's one of our personal favorites and perfect for the kitchen or shower when you have the blues.  

This is an all natural, handcrafted and cold processed soap and is made in small batches using locally sourced and recycled ingredients from Nebraska farmers.  In all of their soaps they use only the ingredients listed on the label and only therapeutic grade essential oils.

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