Bakers Candies of Greenwood, Nebraska

The History of Bakers Candies of Greenwood, NE

Kevin Baker began his professional career in the aero-space industry, building and servicing the equipment responsible for the mass production of a number of the U.S. military’s missile systems. As opportunity allowed, Kevin transitioned into the field of conceptual design, construction, and maintenance for the confectionary industry. Although technology had already left its mark on the industry; Kevin saw an opportunity to revolutionize the process by which the highest-end gourmet chocolates were produced.  With an exhaustive knowledge of automated production technology Kevin set out to design, build, test, construct, and maintain an automated production line capable of mass producing the industry’s most coveted confection: the superlative chocolate meltaway.

Kevin’s ability to revolutionize the mass-production of gourmet chocolates allowed him to produce his confections at a fraction of the cost incurred by even his largest competitors.  With the money saved, Baker purchased the absolute best of every ingredient available. The result: A confection the likes of which only the world’s richest elite had ever consumed. The price: So affordable that Bakers Candies was given the name-sake “Blue Collar Gourmet,” by Candy Industry Magazine.

Kevin’s Company, Bakers Candies Inc., was founded in 1987 and by Valentine’s Day 1988 the plant’s retail outlet store was opened to the public.  The products, a series of solid meltaway-grade chocolates twist-wrapped in signature foil wraps, were an instant hit with chocolate connoisseurs across the globe. Bakers Candies Inc. quickly grew to become one of the Midwest’s largest premier chocolate manufacturers.

Today, Bakers Candies Inc. remains a 100% family owned and operated Nebraska Company operating out of a 25,000 square foot plant located inGreenwood, Nebraska.  The plant annually produces more than ½ million pounds of superlative quality meltaways each year.  Baker’s currently utilizes four fully automated production lines capable of producing more than 2,000 pounds of our signature meltaways each day.  1 Family, 1 passion: A superlative chocolate at an unmatchable price.

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