DelRoy Creations Nebraska Angled Wine Bottle Holder

Support a new company in Ashland, Nebraska!  Founded in 2017, DelRoy creations specializes in creating high quality, handcrafted Nebraska goods that are guaranteed to be the center of conversation.  

This handmade wooden angled wine holder is a mystifying work of art!  With holes drilled in precise location and size, this will hold most standard wine bottles on a smooth surface.  At first glance, it appears to be something that would easily fall; however, once it is placed with a bottle of wine it is a remarkably stable balancing act that is sure to impress your guests!

  • Handcrafted out of cedar wood in Ashland, NE
  • Approximately 10" x 5"
  • Rounded face edges enhance the natural grains in the wood
  • Custom made branding stamp that burns in the outline of Nebraska
  • Sanded smooth and finished with high quality polyurethane
  • *You supply your favorite wine!


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